28 Days of Melanin

photo, discussion
R. Alannah Morrison
Canada, 2018

“28 Days of Melanin” project by R. Alannah Morrison for Black History Month 2018 in Montreal, Canada.

“For the month of February, also known as Black History Month, I will be showcasing a series of portraits to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of black men and women.”
– R. Alannah Morrison

I’ve been part of this project and I shared my experience. Experience: Day 13 of my #28daysofmelanin

“Growing up in white Europe, in a French-speaking region, there was always the assumption that it was better to be black (black American) than noire (African diaspora). “Black” was used to wash away Africanness. People would even say “Vous les black” instead of “Vous les noirs” thinking that is a compliment. I relate more to the term « noire » for those reasons. My experience of being noire is to be othered, mostly in an objectifying, disrespectful and violent way associated with disgust for Africa… but it is also my biggest source of strength, deep common experience, community feeling and challenging journey. I would never wish to be someone else, to get away from my négritude/africanness/blackness. It‘s definitely part of who I am and I am proud of that.”

– Po B. K. Lomami

Photo credits / Crédits photo : R. Alannah Morrison

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