EXTRACT – Soundtrack

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Rabii Allawerdi · RXBY
Linköping, Sweden, 2016

RXBY (Rabii Allawerdi) who worked with me on this project also produced a soundtrack for EXTRACT during this whole experience as a way to archive memories and feelings.

I uploaded a soundtrack of 6 tracks. This Soundtrack was made for Po B. K. Lomami Extract project in Linköping. I will never forget the process in creating this it was so fun but we were surrounded by so much toxic vibes and turbulence that suffocated us and a whole book can be written to explain mediocrity and ignorance even tho we Pocs are raised to endure these environments.. (hearing my mom in my head, the whole “you have to work twice as hard” speech) it was psychological hell and it didn’t even end well.. But after everything. Im so proud of Po and i dedicate this to her!
– Rabii Allawerdi · RXBY

Instagram : @rxbyrxbyrxby
Soundcloud : rxbymusic

RXBY is the music maker of all the music used for EXTRACT and we collaborate on the track for the September ad.