Limit(less) Africans

photo, interview
Mikael Owunna
Belgium, 2017

I participated in the project Limit(less) by Mikael Owunna in September 2017 in my home town Mons and in Brussels (Belgium). The photo series and the interview are available here.

J’ai participé au projet Limit(less) de Mikael Owunna en septembre 2017 dans ma ville natale à Mons et à Bruxelels (Belgique). La série de photo et l’interview qui en résultent sont ici.

Limitless Africans” is a documentary series and a book by photographer, Mikael Owunna about LGBTQ African immigrants in North America and Europe. Between 2013 and 2017, Owunna traveled to 10 countries photographing and documenting the stories of over 50 LGBTQ African immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. This body of work utilizes framed portraiture to explore notions of diasporic African queerness and self-representation. All of the models select their clothing and adornment, and Owunna collaborates with them on posing and location to build a portrait specific to their geography and expression of queerness. Diverse in setting and framing, each image is a staged collaborative snapshot accompanied by an interview with the sitter

Instagram: @mikaelowunna et hashtag #LimitlessAfricans