The House of Kinshasa

Po B. K. Lomami – The House of Kinsaha

The house my brothers and I never grew up in is gone.

This is the outcome of a WhatsApp call between my parents in Belgium and me in Canada about the final chapter of their house in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They recalled how two Zairean Ph.D. students, who just met in Brussels, decided to buy a house in Kinshasa without seeing it. They bought a home to prepare for their return to Zaire/DR Congo together after their academic program. The return never happened. Now retired, they just sold the house 36 years later. The house my brothers and I never grew up in is gone.

Like any call with my parents, I learned about way more than what I asked for. It is a snippet of the experiences and trajectories of the Congolese diaspora of their generation in Belgium. It is also a glimpse of how I experienced it as their child who left that same Belgium as soon as they could.

The House of Kinshasa is a five-part sound project about the diasporic realities of transmission, return, and housing for a family spread over DR Congo, Belgium, and Canada. In this first part, I intertwine my parents’ story with my perspective, field recordings, and bits of radio stations’ archives.

With the participation of my mother and my father.

With CKUT for Radia.


General info

French name:

La maison de Kinshasa




radio art, cover


5 episodes, 28 minutes


1 season


֎ 2022.08.22 – Part 1 | Radia and its members (25 independent radio stations from 15 countries in 4 time zones)

֎ 2023.01.30 – weekly | Radio is dead, CKUT 90.3 fm Montreal

֎ 2023.01.30 – weekly | Podcast apps – TBA


֍ Po B. K. Lomami



Part 1 available, parts 2-5 in postproduction


2022 – Teaser