Brooklyn, New York, USA, 2019

I presented our work Montreal, 1985 (Carl-Philippe Simonise, Po B. K. Lomami, Valérie Bah) at the collective exhibition Bootleg produced by DOC! in Brooklyn, New York.

BOOTLEG is a project initiated by DOC!, showcased in New York on the 3rd-6th of October 2019.
It is an invitation to discover different kinds of militant, political and philosophical schools of thought.

Tremors (porosity – influence – relations)
Clandestinity (printing press – traffic – diffusion)
Flux (communication – language – circulation – cyber-wandering
Autonomy (communauty – anarchism – urban emancipatory politics)

Play & GameThese notions are the main operating keys of a project which connects exhibition and editing project
for the first time on the occasion of the Brooklyn Falls for France festival.

The collaborative research work around printed documents has given birth to a card game. This item is tackled as an assemblage with many facets and possible uses, the historic bedding of ideologies which used images as means, in turn, to broadcast propaganda or as a way to disseminate a cryptic, transgressive knowledge. Popular or elite, a child’s play or a means to initiate, gard games use the visual strength of both text and image and invites its users into manipulating either the cards themselves or the desires of others. French and American invited artists have created a repository of texts and images edited in the Under the coat fanzine, an annex and notice of this polysemic, performative and transatlantic card game.

It is as transatlantic as this selection of artists gathered for the exhibition, whose plastician, video or performative art practices interrogate the language and actions at the heart of contemporary ideological struggles, at the crossroads of class and minorities.

A rave party set up in collaboration with the Melting Point collective will propose a selection of djs from and invited by both collectives. Through its parties, Melting Point raises funds for not-for-profit NGO Al Otro Lado which offers aid and legal counsel for South Americans who go through immigration and claim for asylum.

Exhibition: October 4-6, 2-6pm
Opening: October 3, 6-9pm
109 Ingraham Street – suite 101
Brooklyn NY 11237

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