Force and Form – Part III & Part IV

A connection with childhood memories of receiving an order from a holder of institutional power, the harmful consequence for one’s dignity and integrity if executed, and the equally bad punishment if rejected.

Entering the body and its choreography to collectively practice and question gaze and surveillance.

The multimedia installations

Force and Form – Parts III & IV  are the final iterations of a series of performative interventions. The projects build on the intertwined fear, frustration, and defiance of dealing with the presence of the police in public space and the related discussions in private, the media, and the streets. Using material from the first occurrence (physical and mental movements, documentary videos and sound recordings), these complementary multimedia installations reshape and rescale to explore the coexistence of contrasting elements. Super-presence of the body and dissociation of the mind. Pain and silence. Gaze and the absence of contact. Danger and slowness.

Surrounded by a multiplied, magnified, deformed, and disappearing body movement projected on walls and textile and vinyl screens, viewers watch this same choreography set in a policed environment through 5 synchronized videos to surveil Lomami and bystanders. As both gazers and objects of the gaze, their role is extended in a control room where related news and research papers are arranged next to a monitor screen displaying a live video of the audience watching Lomami’s intervention.

General info

French name:

Force et Forme – Parties III & IV




multimedia installations : videos, sound, documents, textile, vinyl, steel


30 minutes (estimation), including 18 minutes for videos (on loop)




֍ Po B. K. Lomami


֎ 2023.04.19-06-03 | IGNITION 18, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal, Canada


2022 – Po B. K. Lomami

2023 – IGNITION 18, Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery 

Installation view of the exhibition Ignition at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery. Courtesy of the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, 2023. Photo: Jean-Michael Seminar’s

2022 – The Concordian

2022 – Po B. K. Lomami

2022 – Po B. K. Lomami